[completed] Print out a Monero sticker and place it somewhere in Kabul

Many people like to place Monero stickers in their city and then post pictures of them online. For example here is one in Berlin, Germany:

But we don’t have any in Kabul yet!

Budget: 50 USD in xmr

You will get 50 USD in xmr if you print out a few Monero stickers and Monerochan.news stickers and place them somewhere in Kabul.
Please take a picture of the placed stickers similar to the one in Berlin and send it to me.

Here is the file for the Monerochan.news stickers:

And there is the file for the Monero stickers:


Please also reach out if you have article ideas for Monerochan.news

You can read my introduction here:

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this job has been completed and the pictures have been posted on twitter
and the monero subreddit.

Thank you very much @meena for helping find people to work on this!

If you can provide a similar service, please make a post in the peoples category:

just write a short introduction, what you can do, what your services and rate is etc!

There will be more jobs like this in the future!

Thank you very much! :grinning: :+1: