I am Spirobel. I am a cryptocurrency developer. I also write plugins for the forum software discourse. You can find my github account here: spirobel · GitHub

I also created monerochan.news

You can find me on twitter here: https://twitter.com/spirobel

What I am looking for

I am looking for people that can help me write stories for monerochan.news. The stories don’t need to be cryptocurrency related! Please reach out if you have an idea on how we can work together!


I am 7v28EJgJk6N, a physicist by training and a craftsman by trade.

One might have heard the saying ‘Data is the new oil’… my job is designing oil rigs and supply pipelines.

Thanks to my current professional and personal positions, I am fortunate to witness the ongoing construction of Borg Empire from close quarters.

I would like to contribute an essay-series entitled “Constructing UniComp-1 EUR00001” to monerochan.news. Through which, hopefully, I can say things without saying.

Many Are Called Few Are Chosen, Fewer still make the Call.

Do let me know below if such an essay-series fits monerochan.news


haha that sounds cool.

please reach out via DM or email I want to know more :sweat_smile: