Why you should hire people from Afghanistan

Many Afghans know English and are highly educated, especially in bigger cities like Kabul. Since the withdrawal, half of the population is effectively excluded from the Afghan labor market, as Afghan women are now mostly restricted from working outside the home.

There is also the issue that traditional web2 legacy companies like upwork, ban them from participating in the global digital economy! So why should you hire people from Afghanistan? Because it is the right thing to do.

How can I pay them?

While in western countries the necessity for cryptocurrencies is mostly theoretical, this is a situation in which cryptocurrency is truly needed! It is best to offer payment in Monero as it protects the privacy of everyone involved and therefore massively reduces risks and worries!

While you might have reservations sending money abroad directly from your bank account, all the potential risk and liabilities are null and void if you use Monero!
It’s strong privacy guarantees mean that you wont run into the risk of landing on a government watch list just for giving people opportunities in a foreign country!
You are also welcome to just use a nickname and keep your real identity private.